Another adorable litter of red sesame Shiba Inu boys.  Daniel is the last pup in this litter.  He has a fantastic personality, is all wiggly and fun.  He is 90% potty trained, using a doggy door to go inside and out.  His price has been reduced to find him a home quickly now.  Dad Ike is a red sesame with an outstanding confirmation, pedigree and hair coat.  Mom is a red sesame that has the most gentle personality of all my Shibas.  Daniel are going to make fine additions to someone's family and house hold.  Daniel loves to be baby talked; squirms with attention. He is not shy or withdrawn.  He should mature right about 20 lbs.  As a breed they are very clean dogs.  Easily house trained and adaptable they are comfortable in an apartment or an acreage.  They will require regular walking or exercise in a yard.  They are quiet, gentle and fantastic with kids.  However there is same sex aggression in this breed so if you have a shiba and want another you will need the opposite sex.  I will get photos of the parents within the next few days and post them.  It was too dark outside to get them this evening when I posted these pups.

AKC - full registration


DOB: 10/28/14


Mom - red sesame weighing 19 lbs

​Dad: red weighing 20 lbs

Shipping is an additional $300.00

DANIEL - red sesame male- SOLD! He is headed to New York!
MOM - Boots
DAD - Ike